Treat New Arrivals

To avoid the introduction of pests, quarantine and treat all newly acquired Haworthias before bringing them into the collection.

Shade fabric protects newly treated plants from direct sunlight.Atelier Sakura @ Palo Alto, CA
Shade fabric protects newly treated plants from direct sunlight.

For a new plant, clean as much of the growing medium out of the roots and completely discard it. Some roots may be torn off but the plant will be fine. Soaking the plant in a potassium fatty acids solution and then hydrogen peroxide soaking, and rinse after each soaking round. This kills any pests and fungus. Hydrogen peroxide also promotes faster healing of any damaged roots. Let the plant dry out in a shaded and cool place before planting it in a fresh growing medium, and prioritize the application of Imidacloprid in the next waterings.

After potting, wait for ~1 week before the first watering so that any small wounds on the roots will heal. Keep the plant in the shaded place for the next ~2 weeks. This helps the plant establish the roots in the growing medium because a strong sunlight moves auxins to the top part of a plant and discourage root growth.