Published on 2016/11/09 (Last updated on 2018/02/20)

I am a Haworthia lover, now living in the San Francisco Bay area. I got my collection started with a local succulent show & sale in Santa Clara. I was really fascinated by the variety of forms, texture, and colors of Haworthias, and brought back home a beautiful H. cv. ‘Cuspidata’ f. variegata. Since then, I have been visiting nurseries and growers in all around California and Arizona for obtaining more of them. My collection is not huge yet, but I am sure that it will keep growing!

H. fasciata
H. fasciata

I am a member of Haworthia Society, Succulent & Cactus Society of San Jose, San Francisco and Monterey Bay. I hope that through the visit of this website you will share my passion for these plants and maybe become fond of them like me!

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David E. Martin is the former owner of haworthia.com between 2000 and 2016. He had devoted extensive efforts to build a comprehensive database of Haworthia species with photos taken from his greenhouse in Colorado, United States. Many growers worldwide have learned from his article Haworthia Cultivation.