Distribution in the Great Karoo

written on Feb 09, 2019

The Great Karoo is separated from the Little Karoo by the Swartberg mountains. It is an undulating landscape of 500~1000 m above sea-level. It extends over a great of the northern area. It is characterized by “Karoo Koppies” which are covered by sandstone layers, a dry climate, and sparse vegetation.

The soil is normally fertile, especially in regions where it is associated with banks of decomposing dolerites. The following Haworthias are recorded here: H. arachnoidea, H. bolusii, H. cooperi, H. granulata, H. lockwoodii, H. marumiana, H. nortieri, H. pulchella, H. semiviva, H. tessellata, and H. wittebergensis.